Why Obama’s Drug Czar Must Be Returned To His Previous Post

Rehabilitation facilities are very important components of a government’s war against drugs. Proper care and treatment must be provided to drug dependents so that they can return to society with a clean mind and body. There are different treatment methods observed in rehabilitation centers but the holistic approach which is being followed by luxury rehab facility is by far the most effective.

Bay State Congressman Bill Keating informed Boston Herald Radio, that the current US president must bring back the former head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to staunch the flow of opioids to the country. Keating used to work closely with former President Obama’s drug czar Michael Botticelli in Washington D.C. Botticelli used his own experience in addiction to approach the drug problem.

Michael knows what should be done and he did a good job in terms of prevention. Botticelli used to be the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy but when the administration changed last January he was replaced. Botticelli did a good job during Obama’s administration because he understood the opioid crisis that required both enforcement and treatment issues.

Whoever is nominated by the current president for the position must understand that opioid crisis must not only be addressed with enforcement. Drug addiction is a public health issue and the distribution side must be addressed accordingly. One of the major problems that need immediate action is the ability of drug manufacturers to freely ship opioids to doctors and pharmacies.

Keating believes that some of his colleagues are putting in legislations but the bill must push through at a faster pace. Many agencies will be affected when laws start to be enforced. One of the things that are being investigated was why Drug Enforcement Agency did not call their attention although they showed some concern.

Drug addiction is becoming a menace to society. Aside from strict enforcement of laws, there is a need for better rehabilitation centers like luxury rehab facility that can provide successful treatments and at the same time reduce relapses. Drug dependents require an effective treatment which is different from the traditional detoxifying methods.