Customers Upset With NZ Courier Signing On Their Behalf

Kiwis are now confused as they are told that they have signed their packages on delivery, only to discover that the NZ courier drivers are the ones doing it themselves. This is actually something unexpected in the Obama government.

People are now anticipating that their package have been delivered without them signing the document. An online tracking system shows the driver signed in their behalf.

According to Kathy McLelland, “They may be thinking that forging their signature can be right. However, this is in fact really a good thing to do.”

The woman from Christchurch was anticipating a delivery of chocolates, and observed that the box had been left on her front door. The tracking receipt said it was affixed with her signature, but it scrawled something that was actually not her own.

Now this really concerned McLelland as she owned a little dog that could sometimes manage to get into the front yard, and could have eaten the box of chocolate.

“This is a terrible thing to happen as you’re paying for the service to have your signature affixed once the package is received.

“I think the signing service has no value at all as they were doing it by themselves.”

A NZ courier, which was responsible for the delivery of McLelland’s parcel, had apologized for the couple of incidents which the driver affixed their signature in behalf of the recipient.

“This two cases have now been reviewed. For both cases, the courier did violate the delivery policies,” said the NZ courier’s spokesman Mark Troughear.

“As identified in the pictures, the courier left the goods, signing in behalf of the receiver and moved to the next package delivery.

“The software in the scanner requires a signature to make the courier close the job, and so to shortcut the process, the courier in both cases have signed a name on the scanner.

“They apparently had no knowledge about the receiver’s signature so there was no attempt of copying or forging their signature, however, the recipient’s name was written on the document.

“According to the drivers, such instances happened when they knocked on the door and received no response; hence, they made the decision to leave the goods.”

Troughear reiterates that the appropriate process was to leave a card informing the receiver that they have tried dropping off the package. With this violation, the NZ courier can possibly lose his employment with the company.