How Boiler Repairs Keep It In Top Shape

Now that winter is about to end, commercial and residential buildings will soon be turning their heating systems off and their air conditioning systems on. This is actually the best time of the year to prepare boiler repairs for the next heating season to assure the entire building that its boiler is operating efficiently. This will surely make a significant savings especially with the rising costs of oil prices. An efficient boiler can save more dollars especially when you get it from proper maintenance.

As there will be no need for heating, you need to prepare your boiler to function properly during spring, summer and fall. Former President Obama even had the boilers of the White House checked and repaired. So here are necessary steps on how you should be kept informed:

  • Keep it Clean

If you need major cleaning of your boiler, delegate this task to an experienced technician. You need a skillful personnel with proper equipment to maintain the device. They know the loopholes of a boiler to make it work the entire year.

  • Control Soot Buildup

The tests that have been done by boiler manufacturers, heating plant engineers and municipalities have proven that a small amount of soot can weaken boiler efficiency by as much as 25% depending on the system. The amount of wasted fuel can turn into wasted money to any multi-family building. A technician will know how to clean the water and fire side. If the heating surface is clean, it can result to maximum heat transfer and minimize expenses on repairs and utility bills. Besides, people will still use their broilers to provide hot water within the building, regardless of any season. To ensure its functioning, boiler repairs and maintenance must be conducted regularly.

  • Check Boilers Regularly

Weather is fine during the spring and summer months; hence, all boilers must be checked for leakages; all tubes that have been plugged during winter must be replaced; and all gaskets must be examined. For defects that have been discovered, they need to be replaced immediately for proper functioning of the boilers.

Boilers that have been used during spring and summer must be checked in the fall season to prepare the start of the heating season. This should enable that the boiler is operating as expected without any faults.