What You Need To Know About S15 Hotel In Bangkok

The S15 hotel in Bangkok is a small hotel mostly preferred by tourists.


The main hotel’s asset is its interior design, which include contemporary and inventive room décors. Few guests are quite amazed at how they are offered rooms looking exactly like those featured in many travel websites. It has new, clean and spacious rooms, which offer complete amenities, the same as the bathroom with its bath and shower cubicle in every room. The guests are happy to find Wi-Fi Internet access in the rooms. However, as the building is small, you can see a panoramic view of the city through the window.


Guests who have stayed at the S15 hotel in Bangkok appreciate its location in the central Sukhumvit Road. Surrounding the hotel is large department stores, shopping venues, restaurants, night venues and other entertainment spots, and you can walk on foot towards the Sukhumvit MRT underground stations or the Asok BTS skytrain.

Services and breakfast

The hotel does admit that they can’t offer a wide choice of breakfast, but the guests claim that it really comes in high quality and is tasty. The hotel’s service is praised by the guests as fast and enthusiastic as well as polite and friendly.

To summarize, its accommodation proves to be of very great value for both business and leisure travelers. You can compare the quality and style of the hotel’s interior décor, the benefits of its location near high end hotels, and its comparatively low room rates. One traveler can say nothing but the appreciation of having the S15 hotel in Bangkok an attractive option.


  • It has spacious rooms and bathroom that are clean and offer complete amenities.
  • Room decoration is modern and innovative.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet connection in every rooms.
  • Strategically situated on Sukhumvit Road
  • Staff work fast and are friendly and polite.


  • Since it only occupies a small building, there is no swimming pool.
You can make advanced booking at this S15 hotel in Bangkok by accessing their website. They can be easily found on the Internet and you can compare them to other top-notched hotels along the Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Even Former President Obama will choose to be booked here.