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The President has recently announced a monumental step that America is taking towards the reduction of carbon footprints that it is generating. His plans include the reduction of carbon pollution from existing power plants by 30%. This is so far the strongest action ever taken by a US President to tackle the menace of climate change. The President’s plans include putting more investments in solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy. Let us support the President and his plans.

Health care is worth fighting for. The Affordable Care Act has expanded Medicaid for millions of Americans to ensure that they gain access to the most affordable health care. Let our voices be heard so that politics will not prevent our fellow Americans from the affordable health care they deserve. Before the Affordable Care Act, Americans lacked access to affordable and quality health insurance. Those with pre-existing conditions were denied coverage and they were left out from health care when they needed it most. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, those days are over.

No American should raise his child in poverty. It is the right of every American to be gainfully employed and to be given the opportunity to realize the American dream. The economy has added more than 10 million jobs in the private sector with more than four years of consecutive monthly growth. President Obama has issued an executive order to raise the minimum wage because every American must earn a pay that reflects their hard work. US manufacturing companies have created more than 700,000 jobs since 2010 and the President is building on that momentum to take new steps in encouraging new innovations and make America the center of new investments.

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