A Glimpse Into Obama’s Life After Leaving Office

While the current president of the United States may be busy with office fitouts, former president Obama is also busy with his daily life as a regular citizen. Remodeling can be a lucrative decision for businesses especially those undergoing office fitouts in Canberra but that is the least of Obama’s concern right now. Given the opportunity to see a part of the daily life of the former president, one will be able to witness him enjoying his boxed sandwiches, meetings with money managers as well as making a study regarding reform that should be done with regards to health care.

This is what comprised the morning of Mr. Obama during his speech at health care conference held in Manhattan. The event was sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald, a brokerage firm. The speech was Obama’s ninth paid engagement since he left the Oval Office.

He donned a dark suit for the occasion with a lapel pin showing the flag of America. He was quite reserved when asked about the debate regarding the decision in Washington to overturn the health care he passed into legislation when he was still the president. His signature accomplishment is known as the Affordable Care Act.

His 25 minutes speech tackled less on the current administration and he did not made as much jokes as he used to. Instead, he focused on the professional review of the accomplishments made with the health care law, discussed about the existing problems and list down possible solutions for these issues.

Inside the ballroom, Mr. Obama was giving his speech to an audience of 500. He said that the health care system is huge and complicated but it does not take a genius to figure out what really needs to be done. He added that things will only be accomplished once ideology has been put aside.

Aside from giving speeches, Obama was also busy taking the much needed holidays. While other companies may be busy with office fitouts in Canberra and anywhere in the world, Mr. Obama is taking his precious time with things that he considers really important.