How To Soundproof Windows The DIY Way

For most people, sleeping is a luxury so as much as possible, they would do everything to get at least six or seven hours of quality sleep. However, there are those who are situated in an area that are inherently noisy and there is no other choice than to look for ways on how to soundproof windows to effectively block off noise. If you are one of those who want to at least mitigate the amount of noise penetrating your walls but does not want to spend so much on it, you can adhere to DIY measures that are simple yet effective in reducing noise pollution. Here’s how:

  • Check the air gaps on your window and seal them off using an expanding sealer foam.
  • Insert a thick rug in between the gap of your door and floor. The rug will absorb the sound and will muffle it. You can also attach old cloth to your window sills and its gap to dampen the sound that seeps through the space.
  • Another way on how to soundproof windows is by applying a thick rubber double sided insulation tape along the gaps of the window. However, this method, you can no longer open or close your window as you please because it would mean removing the tape if you open your window and then taping it back again when you want to close it and this can be a hassle.
  • You can make use of heavy drapes to block off light and sound into your room. There are available heavy duty black out window blinds that you can find in department stores and home depot. The good thing about this is that, not only will it block off light and sound, it is also energy efficient since you will not need additional insulation and even air-conditioning system to reduce heat in your room.
  • Install acoustic wedge soundproofing tiles on your walls to block the noise that penetrates to your room through your walls.
  • For a guaranteed way on how to soundproof windows, call a professional soundproofing service provider to evaluate your sound blocking needs. Ask for quote to determine how much you are going to spend for the service.