Bush To Revoke Environmental Regulations By Obama

According to the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, he has economic plans following his presidency and it involves revoking some of the known environmental regulations set by President Obama.

Bush, in a statement during the fourth Republican presidential primary debate, revealed how he would revoke two regulations – Waters of the United States as well as Clean Power Plan. Bush expressed how the Clean Power Plan should be abolished and start from the beginning. Another regulation, the Waters of the United States Act, is on his opinion a blow to the farmers and should be revoked as well.

The Clean Power Plan is known to mandate a limit on the emitted carbon dioxide from the power plants that are currently in operation. This is what many thinks to be the signature environmental act which Obama has set into motion. The Waters of the United States, on the other hand, aims to give protection to the natural wetlands and streams in the country that directly impacts the water quality and those water sources that falls under the Clean Water Act.

These two plans are viewed by the majority of Republicans as an overreach on the part of the Environmental Protection Agency together with President Obama. The Clean Power Plant has received many critics and is viewed to be the administration’s cap-and-trade system and would involved high costs. They see it as another method of spending too much on something that will, in the long run, give little to no gain. Other critics deemed it as unconstitutional as the Environmental Protection Agency mandated it on all states and not specific power plants.

The Clean Power Plant is not the only environmental act of Obama that has caught the critics’ attention. The Waters of the United States Act have many critics as well expressing how the regulation is a forefront in the government’s aim to gain control of all the drainage ditches as well as everything that has water in it.

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