President Obama Campaigns To Gain Support For TPP

As part of a campaign to build support for a Pacific Rim trade agreement, President Obama has made an appeal to eBay sellers that represent a business network composed of millions connected worldwide to tout improvements in global trade experienced from the implementation of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Obama’s appeal to online businesses was posted on and emailed to more than 600,000 members of eBay. TPP is the first trade agreement aimed at helping small business owners to better navigate the complex global trading system. A chapter of TPP is particularly dedicated to small businesses and the chief obstacles they are facing in the global economy.

Obama has highlighted that the agreement will streamline ecommerce for small business owners by eliminating 18,000 tariffs on US products. This will preserve an open and free internet at the same time that it establishes rules for digital trade to bolster online businesses in the global market. Obama wrote that in the last six years the number of people that are connected to the internet has doubled to almost 3 billion with the fastest growth apparent in developing countries in the Southeast Asian region.

TPP trading partners are home to more than 300 million web users who are looking at websites to connect with to buy products and services. The agreement will eliminate red tape from custom regulations and will bolster deliver and security of online payment systems. TPP will also promote paperless trading with custom forms into electronic format while providing electronic authentication and signature for customer transactions.

TPP will set a strong foundation to remove significant hurdles like customs, shipping and infrastructure limitations that exist when doing business internationally. Obama urged eBay member to read TPP agreement to level the playing field for entrepreneur’s and open opportunities for expansion in the fastest growing market of the world.

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