One Year Travel Expenses By Trump Could Be More Than Obama’s Whole Term Spending

According to an estimate, President Donald Trump has already spent about $20 million of the American taxpayers’ money for travel expenses within his first 80 days in the Oval office. At this rate, his total travel expenses for a year could be more than the travel expenses former President Barack Obama spent in his entire term of eight years.

A report from the CNN revealed that Trump is always travelling to visit his estate located in Florida called Mar-a Lago. There he has agreed to host a number of world leaders such as the President of China, Xi Jinping and the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. The bill for these travels has already reached $21.6 million.

The estimate of the costs is based on the findings of the 2016 accountability report which revealed that in 2013, it cost $3.6 million in order for Obama to have a four-day trip. The cost of the trip mostly goes to the services provided by the Coast Guard as well as the Secret Service. These numbers did not deter Trump from criticizing Obama because he has travelled using the money of the taxpayers.

The fact remains that Obama’s travel-related spending only amounts to $97 million for the entire term he has spent in the Oval Office. This number was provided by Judicial Watch which is watchdog that leans towards the conservative. The audited travels are those that concerns personal as well as work matters.

With the amount of trips Trump is taking to visit Mar-a-Lago, it will not be surprising if by the end of the year he has already surpassed the amount Obama spent on his entire eight-year term. Since his inauguration, Trump has already visited his estate six times though he is visiting less frequently because of the hot Florida weather continuing to rise. Experts are expecting him to turn to his other estates such as his golf club in New Jersey or his apartment in New York. Nevertheless, it shows just how much effective time management skills Obama used in order to spend as little as possible during his trips.