Art News From All Over The Globe

For someone who is an art enthusiast, it would be common to see their rooms littered with beautiful images and personalised word art that depicts their taste in art. They are known to attend local art fairs and galleries. If you are a true fan, here is a list latest art news you may be interested in:

  • According to the Gotahmist, the artwork by Shake Shack in its exhibit called The Shake-speare is up for sale and all proceeds will be given to the Public Theater. This is as a form of support as they are producing the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Gothamist describes it as sweetly flavored with a combination of rose and strawberry.
  • In an article published by local paper called Press of Atlantic City, the 48 Block which is the latest public artwork that has been launched is considered to be the most successful as of writing.
  • The Aspen Times tackles the renovation that has occurred at the Aspen Art Museum. One of the columnists quips that the gross building resembles an art museum’s parody while the fake art used are parodies of the art within.
  • The Bemis Center located in Omaha, Nebraska was recently granted by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts with a grant worth $100,000. The foundation aims to support the artists of the center that are currently under their residency course.
  • Sad news for those who love the Museum of Ventura County located in California because it could be shut down for lack of funding.
  • The New York Times recently reported about the passing of the artist Jose Luis Cuevas at age 83. He was in Mexico City when it happened.
  • In interesting news, there is a stash of wine that was found at the Liberty Hall Museum located in New Jersey. The stash dates back from 1700s and is discovered at the basement of the museum.
  • If you are planning to visit Chicago’s Field Museum then you are in for a treat because they are serving beer using ancient recipes by the Chinese people.

After visiting these notable museums, one will be able to tap their inner creativity and create a personalised word art that is worthy of the artists featured.