Of Novelty Urns And Its Growing Market

Novelty urns are now one of the latest trends in the funeral industry according to a funeral director in Rockingham. In a website owned by Cremation Solutions, one will be able to see their samples of strange and one-of-a-kind novelty urns. One of these urns is the head of former president Barack Obama made through 3D printing.

Years ago, when someone passed away the only option would be to bury their body in a coffin but since cremation has become more popular, it opened a door to many options when it comes to storing the ashes of the people we love who passed away. You can either choose a coffin or ornate urns. If you have a lot of money, you can opt to be buried under a pyramid but there is another modern option which is 3D printed heads as urns.

This 3D printed heads are offered by Cremation Solutions, a company based in Arlington, Vermont. They also have options of traditional urns as well as items as keepsakes. The 3D printed heads act as a storage wherein the ashes of the deceased can be stored. The heads are fashioned after the actual image of the person who passed away.

The process to get your own 3D head urn is quite simple. You just need to submit a photo and it will be scanned by the company. The 3D model is then created after the image. Printing is done through a polymer head that measures 11 inches. There is an option for a wig if desired. The head is then mounted on a marble base that is hollow inside and this is where the ashes will be stored. The product is worth $2,600 and the website is uses the head of Barack Obama as their sample 3D printed head urn.

According to the website, a traditional urn can be mistaken for other purposes but the 3D head urn will surely relay the message without people trying to pry or open it.

A funeral director in Rockingham admitted that the funeral industry continues to expand thus more services and products will be available to the consumers in the future.