4 Benefits Of Using Hardwood Feature Wall

There are several reasons why you will find hardwood feature wall among contemporary homes. Using hardwood for wall panels, flooring and doors and other features around the house or office space makes the area trendier and besides, you can never be wrong with a wooden material. Apply wooden tiles on your wall and it will instantly look like a display in a home design showroom. Here are additional reasons why using a hardwood feature on your wall is a great idea.


Using wood panels or wooden tiles on your wall exudes rich elegance and style. Georgian and Colonial interiors are some examples of designs where the opulence and elegance of wooden walls are emphasized. Wooden decorative tiles display the natural beauty of hardwood and with the right finishing or lamination, they become easy to clean and maintain. They are also pleasant to touch and pleasing to the eyes.

Conceals flaws

If you have uneven surface or poor wall painting, you can easily cover it up with hardwood feature wall instead of plastering or repainting your wall. You can also conceal your cables and wiring behind the wooden tiles; a thing which is not possible with wallpapers and paints.

Better insulation

Because you are using an organic material and natural insulator, you can be sure that your interiors will be cooler even on a hot season. This means that you can save money on electricity and you can just open your windows to allow natural cool air to fill your room. Wooden materials are also excellent for thermal and acoustic insulation. It also provides a homey and warm ambiance.

Easy repair and replacement

The good thing about hardwood feature wall is that they are easy to remove so an installer can easily remove a tile or a panel and have it repaired or replaced without damaging or affecting the remaining tiles or wall. Call a qualified fitter or contractor to do the repair in order to regain the beauty of your hardwood wall. You can find a reputable contractor from the internet and also from the yellow pages. You can also ask for referrals from your friends.