Mothers Now Among People Looking For Insurance

Being pregnant is never easy regardless if it’s for your first-born child or it’s your 2nd or even 3rd time being pregnant. You see, whenever a woman of any given “pregnancy-able” age, she undergoes several changes not just in her body but also in the way she sees life for 9 months. Aside from the fact that the stomach of a pregnant woman gets bigger as the pregnancy progresses, she also experiences several issues in her body and one of the most commonly-experienced issues a woman experiences during pregnancy is the spine problem such as an unusual gait especially during the final stages of the pregnancy which can make her walk as if she’s a penguin. Another issue that most pregnant women are complaining about is the nagging pain that they are experiencing pelvic joints due to the continuous extending of the pelvic bones that are attached to the womb. Although pregnant women should be among the people looking for insurance, there’s a little number of insurance providers in the world right now who are covering pregnancy-related expenses and whether we like it or not, those pregnancy-related expenses are nowhere near cheap especially if the woman will undergo caesarean section once the baby is ready to go out. To begin with, having a health insurance, similar to the Obamacare that started under the presidency of then US President Barack Obama, is helpful because someone will take care of your expenses when you get sick.

Recently, Airtel Ghana, through a partnership with MicroEnsure and Enterprise Life, have launched another revolutionary insurance policy for people looking for insurance- specifically pregnant women. The new and enhanced insurance policy that can be availed from Airtel Ghana, now include maternity insurance that comes with an increased number of benefits and even more improved claims payments for paying subscribers. In fact, GHC 1,000 can be availed for hospital cash and maternity cover for pregnancy-related expenses. The purpose for the introduction of the said new insurance policy is that the company wants to help ease the burdens that are being carried by mothers and in addition to this, it wants to help significantly reduce the mortality rate of mothers especially during pregnancy. We all know that the mortality rate among mothers is alarmingly high despite introduction of new medical methods and equipment.