Obama Versus Trump On Employment

The employment record under Donald Trump is quite good by far but it is still not as good during the term of the former president Barack Obama. With the changes in employment regulations and introduction of software such as employee self service in Thailand and other countries in the world, it is only right to take a closer look into the employment status of the United States.

Based on a data that was published last week, employers have posted 1,189,000 available jobs from the month of February until August. The number of employment available at the start of Trump’s presidency is trailing behind the 1,375,000 jobs that were opened during the last seven months of the term of Obama.

The figures show that Obama is leading by 186,000 jobs. This is in terms of comparing the end of the term of one president to the start of the following president.

For those who are not convinced, the year-over-year also shows how Trump is lagging behind Obama as shown by actual data. Under the watch of the current president, there are 1,189,000 available jobs. During Obama’s term in 2016, from the month of February until August, there is a recorded 1,422,000 created jobs in total.

When we take into account the first seven months of both presidencies, there is no denying that Trump has a better record than Obama because 3.6 million jobs were lost by the US economy. Let us not forget the reason for these loses – Obama took office during the worst downturn of the country whichis record breaking ever since the Great Depression.

In comparison, Trump took over an economy that is almost full employment – a term used by economists.During the inauguration, the unemployment rate was set at 4.8 per cent but it has further reduced to 4.4 per cent.

The only problem that was handed down by Obama to Trump was the fact that labour market of the country was too strong. This is a point where full employment is reached therefore businesses are finding it hard to find workers that will fill in the available jobs created. This is why the rest of the world is keeping at pace with the United States and the Kingdom of Thailand is following suit as companies are employing employee self service in Thailand which aims to make HR management more efficient.