Electrician On The Gold Coast Prepare For Barack Obama’s Visit To Brisbane

There have been excessive preparations for US President Barack Obama’s visit to Brisbane especially with the arrival of his presidential car known as The Beast. An electrician on the Gold Coast is checking the streetlights where the US president will pass.

The US Air Force C-17A Globemaster III will land at the Amberley Air Force Base with the president’s security staff and equipment on board. They have arrived ahead for the G20 Leader’s Summit.

Among the vehicles that were delivered from the military plane was the American presidential car, The Beast. There were also two armored Cadillac limousines; each were black four-wheel-drives believed to be the service vehicles of America’s protective services officers.

One car is intendedfor the US president, while the others serve as a decoy. The vehicles are equipped with armour-plated doors and military defense systems.

The Obama convoy includes fifty vehicles, which feature emergency services vans, media vehicles and a counter-assault car.

The plan for Mr. Obama’s arrival has been kept a secret onboard Air Force One; however, arrival details can be gathered from films, documentaries and previous presidential entourages. Many Australian people look forward to the opportunity of having Mr. Obama visit Brisbane.

The presidential vehicles arrived a day after two VH-3D sea king helicopters and two Osprey aircraft did operations in the host city, Brisbane. These vehicles should transport the US president during the summit. The venue was also visited by an electrician on the Gold Coast for good lighting.

Utmost attention is also given to all world leaders honoringthe occasion. The Brisbane government also did the same to Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin who anticipated huge motorcades while traveling.

Spotted planes include the Saudi Boeing 777 and the Russian Ilyushin II-76, a special cargo aircraft not commonly seen in Australia.

The Russians planes like the Ilyushin are a rare sight in Australia and of the whole world.

25 world leaders and another globally protected representatives are expected to join the Brisbane summit.

British prime minister David Cameron will arrive with Prime Minister Tony Abbot in Brisbane after visiting Myanmar for the East-Asia summit.

An electrician on the Gold Coast have visited and checked the venue for appropriate lighting.