Malia Obama Enjoys South American Adventure

She was different from latin women even if she was fluent in Spanish. She was a blond girl and it was assumed that she was important. Malia, the eldest daughter of former US President Obama went on a 3-month educational trip on the mountains and jungles of Peru and Bolivia without any special treatment. Although the trip was done in secret, there was a security detail for the president’s daughter.

Malia spent October and November traveling with a group teens after she has deferred her acceptance to Harvard for a year. People has no idea about the identity of Malia during the South American adventure but it was assumed that she was somebody important because of the security detail and the extra personnel sent by Bolivian President Evo Morales. However, photos emerged showing Malia posing for a picture during a jaunt of Bolivia’s Cordillera Real mountain region.

Bolivian President also sent his support to a beauty contestant from Chile after her courageous stance at the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 pageant. During the pageant, Chilean model Valentina Schnitzer created an outrage when she declared that the sea belongs to Bolivia. The sea that is in question is the Pacific Ocean which is a subject of a dispute between Chile and a neighbor for more than a century. The territorial problem is currently under review by the International Court of Justice but a separate debate happened on Twitter.

Beauty queens from all over the world are chosen for their beauty and elegance but beyond the swimsuits, contestants are becoming political. Beauty queens from Chile, Turkey, Lebanon, Myanmar, Peru and the United States have made it to the headlines in 2017 because of their comments. Some have lost their crown in the process. How can the opinionated beauty queens keep their titles and voice out their opinions at the same time?

The first thing that attracts a man is the beauty of latin women as well as their charisma. However, behind the attractive face and body is a woman who can fight for her beliefs. Yes, indeed, Latin women can be impulsive and temperamental particularly if they want to express their opinions.