Obama Engaged In Fun Activities After Leaving Office

After leaving the White House at the beginning of this year, President Barrack Obama went on a vacation and had some fun in the sun. He indulged in activities that used to be limited for him while he was in the office because of the issue of security. Once back to the regular life as a civilian, he enjoyed what can be considered as fun team building activities that are often found in outdoor corporate events.

He went to the Virgin Islands to enjoy water activities and he was able to get into a friendly competition with Richard Branson, a known billionaire as the former president was accommodated in the Moskito Island he owns.

The website run by Virgin Group posted photos that were taken during the vacation. In one of them, the former president of the United States can be seen enjoying himself as he try out kite boarding or kite surfing. This is one of the latest water sports wherein the surfer is riding a board while holding onto a kite that will initiate propulsion.

Branson posted an entry wherein he shared that the last time Barack Obama was able to enjoy surfing was when he was in Hawaii before swearing into office. His security team told him after the session that that will be the last time he will be allowed to surf in the next eight years. It came true as he was unable to surf, partake in any form of water sports or do any exhilarating activities while serving as the president.

Barrack Obama enjoyed his post-presidency holiday with his wife, Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States.

Branson shared how he challenged Obama into learning kiteboarding while Branson is still planning to learn how to do foil boarding, another form of water sport that is almost similar to water skiing. He admitted that Obama easily claimed victory. Branson said that he is now practicing for their next challenge.

After seeing the post, many event organizers considered to include the challenge as one of the fun team building activities they could do for corporate employees.