Bill From Obama Administration Might Help Treat Eating Disorders

It was December of 2016 when former president Barack Obama signed what they call the 21st Century Cures Act which makes it a law. The bill is about a large provision provided for research on health as well as in efforts of expanding the current technology. That bill also includes the research and awareness of the common eating disorders. It is the first time in government history that they have paid attention to the needs of those suffering from eating disorders and a provision is allotted for health insurance that will help treat the patients. In the case of people suffering from eating disorders in Australia, they would need to find an eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne in order for their symptoms to be treated.

With the help of the bill, the main provision requires insurance companies to include residential treatment when it comes to eating disorder patients who have mental health coverage. This is a lifesaving attempt because it has been revealed that out of all the people suffering from mental health problems, the highest death toll are from sufferers of anorexia. The number is even higher compared to death resulting from schizophrenia which is considered the second deadliest illness.

It is a monumental milestone for the disorder to be given the foundation of treatment it requires instead of the usual cultural celebration conducted by a number of media outlets in the United States. The bill took 17 years to be completed. The 21st Century Cures is said to have embodied some of the language found at the Anna Westin Act of 2015. This act was named after Anna Westin who is a 22 year old girl from Chaska, Minnesota. She died in 2000 by committing suicide because she was suffering from anorexia nervosa.

This bill will ensure that insurance companies will have to cover the treatment for eating disorders. For patients who are consulting an eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne, the treatment should also be covered by their insurance agencies in order to give a chance for these individuals to fight and win this often disregarded illness.