Women’s Shelter Required To Accept Transgender Men, According To Obama Administration

There is a new regulation that was recently imposed by the Obama Administration with regards to women’s shelter and transgender men. According to the rule, women’s shelters who are receiving funds from the federal state are required to accept those men who claim that they are transgender. There is a provision under the new rule that the facilities for the women has the right to deny a biological male admittance to the center if the circumstances is something that poses risks and is dangerous for both the health and safety of the women.

The new rule must also be followed by homeless facilities as well as faith-based shelters as long as they are federally funded.

According to the secretary of Housing and Urban Development or HUD, Julian Castro, it is a step of the government into making sure that everyone will be able to accept transgender individuals and every individual that are not conforming to the gender. This is all imposed for programs that are supported by the HUD. The statement was said during the time when the rule was already a final decision.

There is another part of the rule wherein the women’s shelter, a place that has vowed to protect all women and children under their roof from any form of abuse, will have the option to refuse to admit man according to a case-to-case basis but it was eliminated during the finalization.

The rule by the Obama administration also states that the public commenter are showing their concern regarding the exception which could be abused by the management of the shelter in order to not comply in the requirement that grants equal access to everyone.

The administration also revealed that there were a lot of people who left comments regarding their fear that the rule will be used by men to pose as transgender in order to abuse women, either physically or sexually.

This is possible especially in the shower where everyone can be taken advantage of without their consent. This is why it is important for women’s shelter to install shower screens in Perth.