Even Presidents Enjoy A Working Class Meal

If there is one person who has the best job in cable news, it is most likely Anthony Bourdain of CNN. Take a look at his job description; he travels the world to educate viewers on various cultures and cuisine. Bourdain has a production team that accompanies him to different cities all over the world including those that are lesser known. Bourdain is certainly a celebrity in his own right particularly with his ability to do one-on-one interviews with presidents.

Unlike the past interviews with presidents that are almost always held in isolated rooms for security reasons, Bourdain and his team were able to arrange a conversation with US President Obama in a crowded by unassuming restaurant located in downtown Hanoi. It is almost bizarre watching the US president and Bourdain eating traditional Hanoi bun cha with vermicelli noodles, herbs and spring rolls dropped in a bowl of sweet yellow broth with charcoal-grilled patties and pork slices. The meal is best washed down with a bottle of beer.

How did Bourain manage to convince the Security Service of the White House to allow the president to eat a meal in a typical restaurant setting? The setting was highly unusual for a president because the Secret Service will not expose President Obama in an informal location with few options for egress. The traditional process of interviewing a president is to hold it in a much more comfortable environment like a hotel but the president seemed to enjoy the change.

Nobody knew that a famous guest will be eating with Bourdain in a Vietnamese restaurant, not even CNN or the restaurant owner. Bourdain pulled it off because the president himself was casual during the conversation. Obama seemed to enjoy a working class meal while talking about fatherhood and his love for Southeast Asia.

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