Obama’s PR Team On His Online Marketing Campaigns

Every PR enthusiasts will know – it takes a very talented team to help a leader get elected.

As the coming November elections is getting closer, here are some of the great visuals used by Obama’s marketing team and the thoughts behind each of them.


#DesignForObama Visuals

During the election, supporters were encouraged to create personal visuals in support of Obama’s campaign by making use of #designforobama hashtag.


Through the Use of Iconic Quotes

Obama is a well-known powerful communicator. By associating strong quotes with right images, his team has created iconic, quick, simple pieces of content that’s perfect for sharing through social media.


Understanding Social Media Platforms

Obama’s social media campaigns have been credited as a key building block for his campaign’s success. By tailoring the contents to every platform audience, Obama’s contents felt genuine, in touch and engaging.


“Share With A Friend” graphics

Obama’s team has released a number of illustrated graphics named “Share With A Friend the Accomplishment that Means Most to You”. This campaign encouraged massive amounts of sharing on social media.


Humanizing Obama

Obama’s team made use social media by posting heartfelt, emotional, funny, endearing and candid photographs of Obama. This created an intimate look on the person behind the presidency, transforming Obama from being a political figure to a human being who could be empathized with.


Visualizing Statistics and Data

Having visual information rather than plain text often gets better responses. This makes visual content important for relaying key messages to the audiences. Obama’s social media campaign gives a perfect example on how simple graphics can turn figures and data into highly shareable, eye-catching pieces of content.


Tailoring Obama’s Messages per Audience

Obama O logos have much of its success associated with how these were applied throughout different marketing assets. Applying them on different banners to appeal to various demographics, people or state was neatly handled. This simple approach allowed consumers of the different banners to identify themselves while creating a feel of inclusiveness to his campaign.



When a good PR team or any marketing team does a great job for his client, success is never a long shot. Businesses can take hints from Obama’s marketing campaign too, and a company like crewdo helps with marketing businesses for anyone who wants experts in this field.