Obama Did Not Receive A Red Carpet Welcome In China

When the President of the United States Barack Obama arrived at Hangzhou, China with his Air Force One plane, there was no staircase that was waiting for him and there was no red carpet either. As an alternative, his staffs were forced to use an alternative exit in order to exit the aircraft but when he arrived at the tarmac, there were added restrictions waiting for them.

According to an article published by New York Times, there was no staircase prepared for Obama and no red carpet waiting at the end of it. Instead, they needed to find an alternative exit. While on the tarmac, there was a misunderstanding between one of the aids of the United State’s President and one of the Chinese officials. This is because the official wanted no part of the journalists travelling together with the President. This is considered a breach of the usual welcome that is given to the President of the United Stated whenever he visits the country.

When an official from the White House stated that the United States will be the one responsible for their own rules when it comes to their leader, the Chinese official backfired with a statement saying that China is their country and they are standing at their airport.

The staff of the President got into a quarrel rather than adhering to the rules and conditions set by the host country. This is unexpected since whenever America visits another country all of its will is expected to be fulfilled.

In a statement by President Obama, he downplayed the event as merely a misunderstanding due to oversight but it was pertaining to the oversights made by the hosts.

The ungraceful exit if the President of the United States is just one proof that the country is starting to have less influence than it used to in Asia. America used to command great respect when it comes to Asia but it is now being pushed away.

It might be recalled that the US were the ones that acted as international tribunal and gave the ruling in the Netherlands that China does not have legitimate claims when it comes to the South China Sea.

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