The Largest Companies In The World 2015

There are a lot of companies invested in different businesses like food, shipping supplies, gadgets, telecommunications and many more. Forbes Global 2000 gives a list of the world’s largest and most powerful public companies. The criteria used in coming up with the list is by looking through the company’s profits, revenues, market value and assets. The Global 2000 this year come from 60 different countries and accounts for combined revenue of $39 trillion, with profits of $3 trillion, market value of $48 trillion and assets worth $160 trillion. The bull market helped pushed the market value of the companies up by over 9 percent.

The dominant nations
In the list, United States and China charge ahead and pushed away other developed economies. Japan garnered the third spot with 218 companies on the list. The United Kingdom finished fourth with 95 companies while Europe lost 20 spots with its 486 companies this 2015. Asia fell further behind with 691 companies and North America with only 645 companies. Last year, France was part of the top 5 countries and this year, it fell out and ceded its spot to South Korea. There are two countries that made their debut on the list this year: Cyprus and Argentina.

The list
In this year’s list, there are 200 newcomers. Some of the newcomers are names that are familiar to everyone like Electronic Arts, Expedia, and Tiffany & Co. There are others that are owned and run by wealthy people in the planet including Amorepacific, Axel Springer and Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties. The new notable 20 companies made it to the list because of a strong and rising market as well as a strengthened investor demand and the boom in global IPO. To be more specific, Asian companies made the lead by raising their capital like Alibaba’s IPO.

In the last 12 months, consolidation across different industries from pharmaceuticals to telecommunications has created at least $3.8 trillion in transactions with M&A. This figure is the highest since the year 2008. Meanwhile, Nokia made its announcement to the public about its $17 billion bid for a telecom giant in France, Alcatel-Lucent. This is in the midst of an intense competition with China. Warren Buffet, the investor genius also has his fair share of companies listed in the Global 2000.