FDA Bans Three Chemical Substances In Pizza Boxes

Just before the end of 2015, the FDA had announced a new packaging rule which would amend the food additive regulations to restrict or prohibit the use of three specific chemicals perfluoroalkyl ethyl family as oil and water repellants for paper and paperboards when using with aqueous and fatty foods. These chemicals are most commonly used on pizza boxes and a number of other food packaging.

While the whole country is still busy with President Barack Obama’s final state of the union address, the issue concerning the banning of these chemicals is also of great importance as it pertains to the public’s safety. Food items like pizza had always been popular with the masses and chemicals similar to the three now-banned chemical substances have shown evidences for toxicity which now shows that there is now a likely percentage for harm with perfluoroalkyl ethyl containing food-contact substances (FCSs),

It can be noted that back in March a number of consumers like The Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Food and Safety, the Center for Environmental Health, Clean Water Action, the Breast Cancer Fund, Children’s Environmental Health Network, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Environmental Working Group, and Improving Kids’ Environment, had all stood together to issue a petition to the FDA to ban the specified chemicals due to their potential for harm. Now, it would seem that the petition had truly paid off as the FDA was convinced that there is a threat on public safety if the use of these chemicals is continued.

FCSs are mostly used as oil and water repellants. They’re what many companies use in coatings to prevent the wet and greasy foods from soaking through the paper or paperboard. While there hasn’t been any proven evidence that these chemicals are truly harmful, studies made on similar chemicals have shown potential toxicity which means that there is a potential for harm and because of this, these chemicals cannot be considered safe for use.

Those who wish to object will have a month to argue with the FDA. However, while these chemicals are potentially harmful for people, the ruling has no effect on other packaging products such as Paper Mart boxes because they are mostly used outside the food industry and for food packaging products, rest assured that Paper Mart will follow the ruling of the FDA.