Understanding The Tree Removal Process: The Legal Aspects

You may know much about basic policies, politics, health care, gun laws and world leaders like Presidents Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin, but do you know about the legal aspects of tree removal? You most likely don’t. What you should first know about tree removal is that they are very complex. It is difficult to know the legal ramifications of removing a tree, even one on your backyard. The regulations may differ from place to place. Green communities are more likely to put up stricter laws about cutting trees while rural areas may not have any laws about the matter at all. This complexity is the reason why you should find out what is to be expected from your community when you cut down a tree.

The laws that protect trees are usually passed and enforced by the city or county through a council or local board. If you were to ever receive a complaint, a hired tree professional will then inspect you for noncompliance as well as council you about the matter. That is why it is always important to contact the proper authorities before you go on cutting trees.

While it may frustrate you that you don’t have much power regarding the trees that you own at home, there are actually a lot of reasons why you should support and follow these regulations. First of all, tree regulations protect older and healthy trees that have historical significance, especially if it is found in the forest. These regulations would also require the planting and maintenance of trees in parking lots and in places that cities consider hot zones. Trees are also protected by regulation during construction and in many communities that have limited tree numbers they will be required to plant more trees as replacement for the ones cut down.

So, since you now know about tree regulations, it is important that before you cut down a tree, you must first contact a tree surgeon or arborist like those from Ark Tree Work because they will either approve or disapprove of your plans depending on the regulations of the city or county you are in.