The Trends In The UK Construction Industry

The pledges coming from the government vowing to spend more on infrastructure projects up north in the country have been coming fast and in huge numbers since the UK chancellor has revealed his plans for his Northern Powerhouse. However, since George Osborne has plenty of lost grounds to make, there arose a new analysis in the construction data which unveiled a fall in the infrastructure activity all across the northern powerhouse region. The activities concerning infrastructure in London significantly fell and across the combined regions wherein Osborne originally wanted to create a network of northern cities in order to take on the new world.

Here are important trends to take note in the UK:

  • Infrastructure activity has been falling across the northern powerhouse. Although there are plenty of cities in the northern region which have greatly benefitted from the major rail and road projects like those around Warrington, Preston and Manchester, infrastructure activity across the region fell significantly during the previous year. The activities on the infrastructure projects in both Scotland and Wales were up significantly. Wales was reported to double on its spending on infrastructure according to the analysis of the data taken from the Office for National Statistics.
  • London gets the largest share of overall construction activities. If you take a look at the entire construction sector, including areas like housing and infrastructure, you will notice that London makes up the biggest share in the construction sector activity. When taken together, the regions in the north almost match to that of London alone. The construction activities happening in north-west England, Yorkshire and North-East England as well as in Humber were in the range of 29.21 billion pounds last year. This figure was just 1.12 billion pounds less compared to the total construction output in London.
  • Scotland records the fastest growth in the construction industry. The winner for the overall growth category in UK was Scotland. It registered more than 20 percent growth last year. The boom in Scotland can be attributed to public sector work as well as private new housing constructions.

In the coming months, it is perceived that the construction sector would steadily boom which means that the painting and decorating industry would also be strengthened. Companies like Fitzhug Decorators ( are looking for a bright year ahead.