Obama’s Post-Presidential Home

President Barack Obama will be leasing a home in the Kalorama neighbourhood in Washington, D.C. when he leaves White House by next year as CNN confirmed. Obama said in March that they will remain in a Washington home so his daughter Sasha is able to finish high school. He said in March.

The property’s owner is Joe Lockhart. He served as a White House press secretary during President Bill Clinton’s term.

CNN contacted Lockhart but he declined to give any comments regarding the news which was reported by Politico first.


Details about the post-presidential home

The house was built back in 1928. It has 9 bedrooms, and it has eight and a half bathrooms. In 2014, it was bought for more than 5 million dollars.

The house is eight thousand two hundred in square feet and will probably cost around 22,000 monthly in rent according to Zillow, a property website. Currently, it values at 7 million dollars according to tax assessments in D.C.

It has a big living area and dining room. It has a downstairs media room and family room. It also has an au-pair suite helpful for the family since the First Lady Michelle Obama’s mother is living with them for years.

The last listing for the property described it to be meticulously renovated with exquisite finishes, gracious living areas, an oversized terrace with gardens and a courtyard space big enough for 8 to 10 vehicles.

The Kalorama is an upper class neighbourhood. The property sits near a French ambassador’s home, a former congressman and the city’s oldest house. It is 2 miles away from the White House and also half a mile from the Clinton’s.


Assessment of potential dangers

As the Secret Service protects former presidents, the agency needs to devise a great security plan for the house’ protection as well as its occupants.

Potential dangers should be assessed while making several changes. According to Anthony Chapa, a former Secret Service Assistant Director, these changes might involve cutting shrubs or trees for clear sight across the street, bulletproof doors and windows, new parking rules and deploying electronics.



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