Obama Visit Causes Lock Down In Athens

Barack Obama is set to visit the Greek capital and this is the reason why the police have been mandated to be on high alert in preparation for the visit. The president of the United States will be visiting the country and will stay in Athen for two days. During this time, there are parts located in central Athens which will not be accessible to the public. There will also be no public gatherings allowed according to authorities because of the main concern which is the possibility of a terror attack during the visit.

Around 4,000 police officers will be sent out to guard major avenues as well as roads located in downtown Athens. This is to make sure that cars will not be able to pass by and there are places where even pedestrian will not be allowed to access. Aside from the Greek security services, there will also be an additional 300 American agents who will be sent in the capital as an added protection for the president.

An announcement was made by the police last week to inform the public that gatherings held in central Athens will not be permitted including the large part of the Vouliagmeni area which is located in the southern part of the capital. This is the location of the luxury hotel where the president of the United States will be staying.

A source from the police said in a statement that the maximum security was done in order to make sure there will be no terrorist attack on the convoy of Obama.

The source added that the police officers will be deployed either wearing their uniforms or in plainclothes. They will be situated in the route where the convoy will pass to keep an eye on any suspicious activities. The authorities are wary that a protest or an attack might occur during the motorcade of the American president.

One of the typical safety measures which they will be doing during the motorcade is to use three identical limousines to confuse any attacker.

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