Michelin Tyre Dropped By MotoGP

MotoGP has been using the intermediate tire for 2017 from Michelin for only a single season when it already decided that it would let go of the brand. Looking back, Michelin was the one who introduced their latest tire to be employed in the championship this year. It is in an effort to serve MotoGP and become, once again, their only tyre supplier.

The problem is that intermediates were not used as often as it should be. The riders have generally expressed that it is safer for them to choose wet tyres or go straight to slicks especially in conditions wherein change needs to be done.

Before the season ends, there were already discussions regarding the decision of the brand to drop the intermediate tyre and this was confirmed at the beginning of the month at the meeting held in Madrid for the Grand Prix Commission.

According to Nicolas Goubert of Michelin, after a year of deliberation, they have come to a conclusion that the medium rain tyres that the company is offering will not last that long especially when subjected to a drying track and worst is tracks that have completely dried out. The statement was made after the intermediates have been used in the Valencia final season held last month.

He also added that there have been a number of times where people racing on track had to use slicks, intermediate and rain tyres at the same time. They have noticed that the tyres can be used for several laps without encountering any problems.

He admitted that they brought the intermediate tyres after getting a request made by Dorna. Many riders were not in agreement and now there is concrete evidence that they really don’t need for the intermediate tyre because they can use their rain tyres even on dry track.

There are other decisions that the Commission have come upon including the changes in the penalties in the case of pitlane speeding. The fine which used to be €150 has been increased to €200 for every offence and the penalty will increase in the case of repeat offences.

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