The HCG Promise Of Losing One Pound Per Day – How Is It Possible?

If followed accurately and faithfully, the protocol for weight loss with HCG will provide very substantial results. The average among the hundreds who have undertaken this program is around one pound per day, but others who have taken it to a higher level have lost up to 2 lbs. a day. In this rate, those who have followed the one-month have lost somewhere in the average of 30 lbs., but those who have extended to two months lost up to 90 lbs from their initial weigh in. But how is this possible?

The journey of weight loss with HCG is no rocket science, it is possible with two major factors. First, the protocol consisting of four phases in the entire weight loss program is mainly about the consumption of low-calorie diet. The client is only supposed to eat lean meat, fruits, and vegetables and needs to faithfully comply to this to yield good results. Second, HCG optimizes the results of the low-calorie diet by triggering the meltdown of stored fat or pocket body fats, suppressing appetite, and resetting metabolism. With those two factors working hand in hand, it is only logical to lose a substantial amount of weight during the course of the entire process.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women. It is clinically proven safe because it is not a foreign chemical, it is a hormone created by the human body trying to nurture new life. The body typically needs 2,000 to 3,000 calories to get by in a day, and HCG triggers the burning of stored fat as fuel for that 2,000 to 3,0000 calories needed per day. When translated into body weight, it helps shed one pound or even more. Stored fat is usually in the arms, belly and thigh area, exactly the areas where unwanted fat usually stores itself. HCG also has compounds that suppress hunger, appetite, cravings and urges to eat. However, the case is different with emotional eaters. Since emotional eaters are triggered by stress to eat and are purely psychological, they are urged to stay away from stress during the course of this diet as HCG cannot help in that matter.