Obama’s Actions To The Syrian Conflict And The Syrian Refugees

Barack Obama’s inaction to the Middle East crisis will probably taint his legacy, which is an irony to his criticism of the previous military overreach by his predecessor.

Obama’s action in terms of the Middle East

Obama is now finding out that in terms of the Middle East, the presidents in America are both doomed if they take their action and also if they don’t take their action.

Obama is mindful of what happened with George W. Bush’s actions to eliminate Saddam Hussein, where it started with a promising trajectory prior to getting off course.

Obama opted to implement his own ‘red line’ against Syria’s president, Bashar Assad.

The president is expected to go by his strategy of those American and coalition airstrikes which will back up the local forces fighting on the ground, as well as the occasional US special missions, until he leaves office by next year.

His decisions that involved going against efforts to equip, train and assist rebel forces, against making use of American troops, and against eliminating Assad from power all paved way for the birth of an Islamic State group, an unstable Iraq and a continuing refugee crisis reaching as far as northern Europe.

Syrian refugees allowed entry in the United States

In terms of the Syrian refugees, Roll Call showed the exact number of refugees placed in each state by Obama.

An analysis of this Syrian refugee program showed that even though some states got about 870 refugees, the states of Mississippi and Alabama did not receive any.

According to Roll Call, greater than 7,500 Syrian refugees who are escaping the conflict happening in Syria have been allowed entry in the US ever since October 1. It is already four times the amount in all of 2015’s fiscal year. Syria is already the 3rd common country where refugees originate.

States like Michigan, Texas, Arizona and California each received about an additional 500 Syrian refugees. Aside from Mississippi and Alabama, Vermont, Delaware, Arkansas, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota also did not receive any refugees.

Based from the Illustrated Map, Obama made a push this summer and almost tripled his average per month.