Home Inspections You Should Not Overlook

If you are on the process of buying a home, a home inspection is very important. If you only look at the house with your naked eye, you will not be able to determine if there are any possible issues that might arise later on. An inspection is important to let the buyer and seller know of the possible defects that might come with the property and the buyer will also have an idea regarding the property they are planning to purchase.

If you are a buyer, you might have no idea on what inspections should be done because there are many different types available. If you are to buy a home, here are four of the most common home inspections that should be done.

  • Full inspection of the home is considered a standard practice that will help in determining the overall condition of the property for sale. The task of the home inspector is to provide an opinion of the property in an unbiased manner coming from a third party. In a full home inspection, the inspector will look at the roofing, mechanical items and the entire condition of the property. All parties involved will be able to receive a report coming from the inspector about their findings and potential defects. Repair suggestions will also be provided. The inspector will also give recommendations of specific parts of the house that needs to be inspected by a separate professional.
  • Inspection of the sewer line. The inspector will utilize a camera in order to see inside the pipes going from the sewer line to the house. A video will be recorded and shown to both parties along with repair suggestions if there are any. If you are buying an old home or the property is surrounded with mature trees then sewer line inspection is necessary.

Inspection for termite and dry rot. This is a simple inspection and will not cost much. Majority of the termite inspectors will also conduct a dry rot inspection. If there are signs of termite infestation, Termite Inspections in Sydney properties are required.