Obama Aiming To Increase Housing Built In D.C.

In the coming 2017, President Barack Obama will go back to as another resident living in D.C. They will be staying in their rented house located in Kalorama until one of their daughters, Sasha, graduates from her high school. Living in D.C. means he will have the chance to vote during the local elections as well as participate in the civic process of the city. He will be able to voice out his opinions when it comes to development plans and simple streetlight outages. He may even have a chance winning as the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner if he wants to return in the public office.

Many are wondering of the type of civic citizen he will become. The answer was made clear during the publication of the policy paper in the White House which outlines the view of his current administration when it comes to housing and their opinion if there is enough housing properties in majority of the cities in the United States.

The administration’s answer is that there is not enough housing.

According to the Housing Development Toolkit which consists of 23 pages, in a country where the metropolitan areas continues to increase in number, the rise in the economy of the housing market as well as the increase in job opportunities sadly did not resulted to the rising back of the construction industries. There are no additional options for working families when it comes to housing. This is because of the state rules as well as local ones that make it impossible for new housing development to enter the city.

The same report conveys that NIMBYs has a lot of influence when it comes to the construction of new housing whether inside or around the city. They are also limiting when housing can be built and where thus many are not built altogether.

The paper also explained that because there are a lot of buyers compared to the housing supply, the prices and rents of these properties is sky rocketing. Good thing if you are in Thailand because there is no shortage of properties in Thailand, either for sale or rent.