Obama Purchases Property- Helped By A Firm Similar To Navigation Estates

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Just last year, it was reported that then US President Barrack Obama and his family has purchased a property in Rancho Mirage in California.  It has been reported back then that the Obamas would be relocating there during a short period of 2016 to say the least. Contrary to the previous reports that the former US president had purchased a house inside the exclusive Thunderbird Heights community right after the visit to the said community, it was then reported that the Obamas have indeed, purchased a house in Rancho Mirage which is not far from Sunnylands which serves as a gateway for US presidents. In addition to this, Rancho Mirage is also known for its resort and retirement community which can be useful for Obama who was back then, already at the near end of his term as president of the world’s most powerful country. The said purchase was assisted by a licensed real estate firm, similar to Navigation Estates in UK.