Prime Minister Of India Visited The White House

When homeowners are hosting a party, they make sure the house is ready and the carpets are sent for carpet cleaning in Perth. As a host,all courtesy is provided to the guests. The same thing was expected by the Prime Minister of India as he visited the White House this week. During the administration of former president Barack Obama, India was considered as an ally of the United States and was referred to as a major defence partner.

Today’s current administration by President Donald Trump assured the Prime Minister ahead of his visit that the red carpet will be rolled out for him and his delegation. Trump was happy to be able to revisit the ties between the two nations and was happy he was able to make it obvious to Narenda Modi that their first meeting is a special one.

They made sure the visit will be special thus they rolled out the red carpet. The visit between Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump lasted for almost five hours. It started with a one-on-one meeting on 3:30 in the afternoon on a Monday. After that, they attended a delegation level meeting followed by a cocktail reception. They were also able to have a working dinner.

The Prime Minister was the first international dignitary welcomed by the President to the White House to join in the White House dinner. The previous dignitaries, President of China Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe were all invited by Mr. Trump to Mar-a-Lago, his private golf resort located in Florida.

During the visit, their focus was given on cooperation regarding anti-terrorism as well as cooperation in energy such as natural gas. There were new initiatives with regards to improvement in information and data sharing, access to bases of data when it comes to terrorists activities.

Security of both countries is better because of the defence trade. The visit was able to reinforce the partnership of the two countries when it comes to security and their armed forces were able to have a closer cooperation.

As with the India Prime Ministers visit, the red carpet was fully cleaned and therefore expected of homeowners to send their own carpets for carpet cleaning in Perth as a sign of a good host.