Even Former President Obama Is Familiar With Star Wars

When Barack Obama was still the President of the United States, he was asked what Star Wars character he wants to be. Obama answered quickly that he wanted to be Hans Solo because he is a little bit of a rebel. When asked which if the Star Wars movie series was his favourite, the former president said that he liked the first film in the series which he watched in a theatre near his home.

People’s imaginations were caught by the wide array of weird alien creatures that were introduced in the Star Wars movie series. An image online show off the new creature from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The online image is not an actual photograph of the alien creature but an artist’s depiction of what is supposed to be a surprise for Star Wars enthusiast this December.

According to Stars Wars News Net, the 8th chapter of Skywalker’s saga will be featuring a large alien sea monster in Ahch-To, the planet that Skywalker calls his home during his exile. If the photo obtained of the alien monster is posted online, it will surely face the wrath of George Lucas’ legal department. For this reason, Eli Hyder was recruited to draw the alien sea monster in its natural setting.

Star Wars News Net also revealed that the alien creature was brought to life through 9-foot tall puppet but they are not sure whether the sea monster will play an actual role in the film or used a background for a shot of Rey and Luke. There is no way of knowing if the puppet will be re-sized or scaled differently in post production because the size of the puppet is indeed very large to fit a couple of human puppeteers. In The Force Awakens, there was a giant pig-like happabore but it only appeared briefly with no significant role.

The Star Wars movie series has inspired different artists to use the characters in their art projects. Star Wars Art can be printed on canvas to be used as a wall décor. Canvas prints of Hans Solo or Darth Vader will be a perfect gift for a Stars Wars enthusiast.