Obama Library Will Soon Have A New Hotel Neighbor

The Obamas may have stayed in a number of accommodations and hotels in the past including one in Bangkok – a hotel near All Seasons building. This is not surprising for them but for those who have been planning for a long time to visit the Obama Presidential Centre located in Woodlawn, tourists will no longer have trouble looking for an accommodation that is near the facility. A developer from New York is proposing a new hotel and the proposal is now pending approval.

The hotel is named Study at University of Chicago, which will have 15 rooms available for guests. The hotel is only a couple of blocks from the western side of the proposed Obama library. The developer of the said hotel is Hospitality 3 and they have already presented their plans for the hotel, which will have 15 stories. The presentation meeting as done at Woodlawn and the host was Ald. Willie Cochran.

The developer is a known firm based in New York and they are planning to build the hotel at the southwest corner of the road connecting Dorchester Avenue with 60th street. This is the site where the Hyde Park Day School used to be.

The proposed hotel is one of the many other developments that are being planned for the area in Hyde Park. There will be more hotels in the area together with stores and apartment buildings. There are two developers from out of town that have already started construction at the 53rd street and Dorchester which will soon have a 90-story hotel. These two properties are expected to be available to the public next spring.

This boom of property plans can be compared to what is currently happening in Bangkok where more hotels are opening including a hotel near All Seasons building. The proposed Obama Library will be finished by 2021 and it is expected that it will attract more investments in the area. The proposed Study hotel will in no way be funded by the university. It was back in 200 when Hospitality 3 started their chain of Study Hotels located near various universities in the country.