JW Marriott To Host Event: Reboot &Reevaluate Your Healthy Reality Check

Those looking to find the best spa in Phuket for the most rest and relaxation possible for their visit have good news. The JW Marriot Phuket Resort and Spa is to play host to an event that will no doubt be of interest.

The Phuket beach resort is hosting the Reboot &Reevaluate Your Healthy Reality Check, a four-day and three-night inspirational program aimed at educating and motivating participants in the topics of health and fitness, art therapy, meditation and the like. The event is composed of several programs, to be conducted by several veteran wellness practitioners, brought together by the Director of Mandara Spa, who connected the practitioners together for the event.

The 5th Reboot &Reevaluate Your Healthy Reality Check will be held from the 15th to the 18th of June.

The list of programs, and their corresponding wellness practitioner are as follows:

  • Hayden Rhodes’s Workshop Talk
    • The program by life coaching veteran Hayden Rhodes, known for his ‘movement as medicine’ workshop, aimed at motivating participants and teaching the importance of proper nourishment, as well as health and fitness.
  • Craig Burton’s Workshop Talk
    • Nutritionist Craig Burton takes the rein for this program, which gives out a complementary blood screening test to participants, to help with evaluating blood sugar levels, proteins, lipids, and other health indicators.
  • Kim White’s Workshop Talks and Classes
    • Kim White, notable Phuket yoga practitioner offers advice on meditation, and discusses the benefits, methods and reasoning behind this practice. She also provides advice for participants which can help them improve their yogic practices.
  • Christine Reilly’s Workshop Class
    • Former psychiatric nurse and artist Christine Reilly offers art as therapy in this program, wherein participants will use drawing, language and art to introspect with the help of a personalized sketchbook.
  • Kathy Russell’s Workshop Class
    • Kathy Russell introduces participants to therapeutic oils in this program, via a hands on experience wherein participants make their own health products, such as toothpaste, spritz and the like.

For those interested in a relaxing experience, and are looking for the best spa in Phuket, the JW Marriott offers this program to potential participants, for a total of Bt 25,000, which includes the following with the programs themselves:

  • Daily meals: 3 full course meals, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Two spa massage treatments at the Mandara spa
  • Additional daily activities and seminars