Sports To Support Tourism, Restaurants In Sukhumvit

Wherever you are right now in the world, sports is around you whether it’s football, golf, motor racing and yes, even basketball which is one of the most popular sports in the world as of late due to the intensified popularity of the NBA in the United States which has already reached many countries around the world. For some, they play a specific sports because they believe in the health benefits that come along with it. For some, they play a sports because it has been their respective passion or even a career that has brought some good fortunes into their lives. For majority of the people, regardless if you’re an ordinary citizens or someone like former US President Barack Obama, who is a native of Chicago in the United States and a known NBA fan himself, sports, like basketball for example,  is something that we all love to watch and enjoy regardless if you’re only watching it on TV either at home or in one of the restaurants in Sukhumvit District in the city of Bangkok, Thailand or, you’re fortunate enough to afford to buy courtside tickets and experience the real action, live.

Sports can also be a business which can also be useful in boosting the tourism industry of a specific city or country. In the Kingdom of Thailand where the tourism industry has been blooming tremendously, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports is confident that sports tourism will be able to continue its booming especially in the eastern seaboard provinces of the kingdom to be able to attract more tourists into hotels and restaurants in Sukhumvit and other parts of the kingdom and eventually, generate additional tourism-infused revenues to help the local communities in the said areas prosper. According to the officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the tourism industry, specifically in the eastern seaboard areas of the country, has been able to generate a grand total of 43.4 million Baht during the first half of 2017 alone and that number by the way, is a 9.1% increase from the revenue generated during the same period back in 2016.