Architectural Glass &Cladding Partnership Leads To Solutions For Architects And Designers

The partnership between NSW Company and specialist in facade glass cutting Melbourne, Architectural Glass & Cladding, and international glass manufacturer Okalux GmbH, was a union between two notable figures in the industry. This partnership, which started back in 2010, has been a great boon to the architectural community, seeing as the partnership has allowed the community to discover new advancements in energy efficiency, user comfort designs, and natural daylight use, via projects throughout Australia and South East Asia.

Architectural Glass & Cladding’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Paul Nipperess, made his statement regarding the partnership, saying that it was born out of the company’s desire to create new, efficient solutions for the demands of architects regarding glass.

Mr. Nipperess has stated that Okalux has decades of experience and history under its belt, working in the developing and manufacturing of quality insulating glass for construction projects all across the globe. Okalux, he says, set their standards for their innovation with their first product, the very same product that led to the company’s founding.

This first innovation was the use of hollow fibres, usually used and originally developed for the textile industry, in the creation of window panels. These window panels with hollow fibres, were notable for their ability to softly diffuse daylight, allowing for just the right amount of light to enter a building, and their deep illumination of indoor spaces.

Mr. Nipperess has stated that glass is a fascinating material to work with, a sentiment reflected by its ubiquitous use in architecture across the globe. This partnership between the glass cutting Melbourne company and the international supplier works with people in the industry, such as architects, designers and builders, to keep themselves up to date regarding the needs of the industry, and to ensure their developments are aimed towards a specific, and relevant focus.

This partnership has already worked on projects to notable projects across Australia and the world, including the Peter Doherty Institute building for the University of Melbourne, and the Maliwana Estate in Phuket, Thailand. Additionally, this partnership is currently on hand to provide for the under-construction Hong Kong Art Museum.