Obama Giving Speech In Howard Amidst Current Struggle

President Barack Obama gave a speech during Howard University’s commencement exercises last Saturday. Obama is known to be the very first African American who is able to serve as president of the United States of America. According to his opening speech, America is now far better than the time he graduated in college. Those words were controversial and the president himself admitted it but he also wanted to make sure that he is making a point. He is referring to the state of affairs the country was suffering in when he graduated from Columbia University during the 80s. There is no denying that he is trying to send a message that is not only hopeful but also inspiring. This is not so with man of the students in Howard University who are suffering.

According to Marcia Davis, the university is struggling too much that many of the students are suffering from it. Many of them were not able to graduate because of the amount of loan that they simply cannot afford to pay off. There are also reports saying that many of these students are forced to leave their housing or not allowed to graduate because of their remaining balances.

According to a report in Post from a doctoral student in the university’s English department, Angel C. Dye, she experienced being evicted first hand because of her unpaid bills. She disclosed that she is in debt to the school that amounts to $20,000. Dye was supposed to be one of the graduates this year. She would have been one of those listening to President Obama’s speech.

Students are hopeful that officials will take actions regarding the financial struggles that they are facing. Reports from the Washington Post revealed that there are many issues in the school such as spotty Wi-fi connection and not enough resources when it comes to student newspaper. The Hilltop which is the dormitory is known to have infestations of rodents and bugs while the plumbing remains to be faulty. The same goes with the heating system and the air conditioning. For problems regarding plumbing and related concerns, visit www.RPEmergencyPlumbersBristol.co.uk for their reliable services.