Obama Couple Went To Luxury Resort in Tuscany To Unwind

The Obamas are on a roll when it comes to the number of holidays they have been through ever since leaving the Oval Office earlier this year. Though they are yet to visit top resorts in Pattaya, they have been to a number of destination. Their last holiday was in a luxury resort in Tuscany. The Obamas spent six days at the Tuscan estate. They were given high security by the Italian authorities and they went to great lengths such as banning locals from hunting wild boar in the unfortunate event that they may accidentally shoot the former President of the United States.

While the current President of the US, Donald Trump, is busy with this international tour involving the Vatican, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the former president is enjoying his time to have rest and relaxation after eight years in the White House.

Obama came with his wife, Michelle, to Italy aboard a private jet that landed at the military airport located in Grosseto, Tuscany. The Italian air force provided six military jets from Eurofighter to escort the couple.

They were then brought to John Phillips’, former United States ambassador to Rome and also appointed by Obama, country estate. The luxury resort by Mr. Phillips used to be a hamlet and then he transformed it to what is now known as BorgoFinocchieto.

Before the Obamas arrived, the local authorities put a ban on hunting until the 24th of May when the couple has left the estate. The ban was effective within a three-mile radius of the resort.

The country estate where the Obama stayed features a grand manor house, which has 22 suites. There are a number of villas surrounding the central piazza. The facilities boast a five-star service. They have an oval swimming pool that is 60 feet long, a cellar, tennis court, basketball court, library and a wine tasting room.

There are a number of rumors that say the couple is also planning to visit Siena and Florence. Here’s to hoping that sometime in the future they will be able to visit top resorts in Pattaya.