New Trends For Truck Tyres In Brisbane

Trucks are considerably one of the heaviest land motor vehicles known to man. They can carry more loads compared to ordinary land motor vehicles such as sedans or even the most expensive sports utility vehicles that we can see roaming along our roads.  In fact, some trucks are even made to carry heavy equipment loaded in a flatbed, like a backhoe or other construction equipment. And since trucks are huge in terms of their size and weight, they can’t go faster compared to cars. And when maintaining trucks, one of the key components of any given motor vehicle that you should take seriously are the set of tyres that a truck is wearing. You see, accidents that involve multiple vehicles are already fatal so just imagine the catastrophe if a truck, whether it’s a 12-wheeler container truck or, a normal delivery truck, gets involved in a nasty accident. Nowadays, there are new trends involving truck tyres in Brisbane and in other places in the world which is the reason why tyres for truck remains a basic commodity. Back in 2015, the number of tyres for trucks of all sorts that were sold back then rose to 477 million sold units and experts see an average growth rate of 3.3% and that number is expected to balloon up to 658 million sold units by 2025 which is the end of the study period.

Truck tyres in Brisbane and in other parts of the world are multi-branded from Toyo to Goodyear to Michelin and even Falken. These brands are known for tyres for sports cars but not anymore. Below are some of the trends which are making truck tyres more and more trending:

  • The growth of owners of trucks from the middle class of the society is considered as one of the reason why tyres for trucks are popular nowadays. The more trucks that are purchased by the middle class, the higher the number of tyres can be sold. The reason why trucks have been popular since 2010 is that they offer more mobility.
  • The development and emergence of a technology for tyres, known as the low rolling resistance tyres, has been among the new trends in tyre production specifically for trucks. This technology lowers accident rate among trucks.