Turkish Airlines Flying Straight To Phuket

Good news for people in Istanbul who are planning to experience the pool villa resort in Phuket because there is now a direct flight offered by Turkish Airlines. The company said that they will be offering four flights every week departing from Istanbul and will arrive at the island of Phuket. The said flights will be available starting July 17 of this year.

If you have been dreaming of travelling to Phuket from Istanbul without hassle, you are in for a treat from the Turkish Airlines. Locals in Istanbul will now be able to have a chance to see one of the most popular tourist destination located in Thailand. Phuket is one of the islands of Thailand and is also one of the spots flocked with tourists every year. According to the manager of the company based in Thailand, starting this summer, there will be direct flights from Istanbul going to Phuket.

Abdullah Ahmet Tugcu, an executive of Turkish Airlines based in Thailand announced that the first flight of the direct route from Istanbul to Phuket is expected to happen on July 17, 2017.

He added that they have been planning for awhile to open a route to Phuket. Travelers who booked the flight on July 17 will experience the first expedition. He also clarified that the direct flight will only be available four times every week.

Tugcu added that Turkish Airlines has a direct flight to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, from Istanbul. There are a total of 14 flights each week with two flights departing each day.

The manager in Thailand for Turkish Airlines indicated that there is also another line which is the Bangkok to Saigon route through Turkish Airlines.

He admitted that passenger traffic increased considerably after Thailand and Turkey decided to eliminate the requirement to have a tourist visa in order to visit the country and vice versa. Tourists will now be able to book accommodation such as pool villa resort in Phuket and get a direct flight for a much convenient holiday. As of the moment, Turkish Airlines is flying to 116 different countries all over the globe.