Michelle Obama Visited Luxury Hotel In Mallorca

The Obamas, who left the White House earlier this year, have been visiting various countries and staying at areas known as great location for a boutique hotel. Their tastes when it comes to accommodations are known to be of high standard. The latest proof was seen in the most recent holiday of Michelle Obama where she visited the island of Palma de Mallorca in Spain. The former first lady took a solo trip and she was able to dine at one of the highly remote areas of the island. The trip took place before the month of August ended and she was there as the guest of James Costos, foarmer US Ambassador to Spain, together with Michael Smith, his husband.

Michelle is believed to have stayed at the summer house rented by the couple but she was also able to experience dining at the Sea Club restaurant which is located inside the Hotel Cap Rocat. The hotel is known for its luxury and it used to be a military fortress. The 19th century fortress is located on top of a cliff and guests have panoramic views of the bay located in Palma de Mallorca. This is the best place for Michelle to be able to relax and escape from the stress of everyday life.

The hotel offers 22 suites wherein the guests can choose whether to have the Mediterranean Sea as the view or they can also opt to see the mountains and the Palma bay. There are also three unique rooms referred to as Sentinel and each of these rooms have their very own infinity plunge pool for private use. There are various amenities offered by the hotel such as tennis courts, gym, beautiful gardens to wander around and an infinity pool located outdoors. The hotel has two restaurants inside that specifically serve meals that are organic and make use of produce that are sourced locally. The fruits and vegetables used by the restaurants are also planted onsite. This is to keep up with the eco-friendly image of the establishment.

Despite not sharing photos of the hotel, many believe that Michelle stayed in secluded area that is a great location for a boutique hotel.