Go Sail Project To Introduce Youngsters To Sailing

It is possible that you have not seen or heard about Richard Branson but his name recently became quite popular when he invited the former presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama to the British Virgin Islands. The former president has just finished his term in the White House and he wanted to relax and test his sailing and kite surfing abilities against billionaire Branson.

The waters around the British Virgin Islands are considered as one of the best in the world for sailing. You will see yachts and catamarans sailing smoothly on the waves and dropping anchor in the ocean so that so that holidaymakers can dive in the waters full of colorful reefs, tropical fishes and turtles. If the holidaymakers are lucky enough, they get to see the wild bottlenose dolphins.

However, there are other places where you can sail aside from the luxurious British Virgin Islands but first you have to learn how to sail. For example, in Solent, youngsters with ages between 14 and 16 can get enjoy a chance to go sailing through the innovative Go Sail project. The project was created by Sir Ben Ainslie’s 1851 Trust so that youngsters can be introduced to sailing and gain an opportunity to learn how to sail in a safe and fun environment.

According to Ben Cartledge of 1851 Trust, they are keen to make sailing available to eligible youngsters in the Solent area. From experience, they know how much youngsters enjoy sailing. It is important to give them an introduction to sailing in order for the youngsters to learn new skills, team work and confidence.

The 4-day course runs from 9 AM to 5 PM every day and provides young students with a unique opportunity to gain RYA Stage One and Two certificates. All the courses provided on the Isle of Wight are run at UKSA in Cowes.

On the other hand, you can mix a vacation with a sailing course in the Canary Islands. There is a full range of RYA practical and theory tidal sailing courses on La Gomera. All the sailing instructors are fully experienced and committed towards delivering quality and safe training in a fun environment.