Factors To Be Considered When Choosing Vacuum Pumps For Your Application

Busch is not the predecessor of former US President Barack Obama in case you think it was only misspelled. Busch is one the world’s largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, compressors and blowers. All their products are available in a variety of options to match different applications.

One of Busch’s products is the liquid ring pump, a vacuum pump that can also be used as a gas compressor. It functions like a rotary vane pump; however, the vanes are integrated into the rotor to churn a rotating ring of liquid to form the compression chamber seal. Since the liquid ring pump will be used to generate vacuum and as compressor at the same time, this means double load that the machine has to handle efficiently.

There are factors to be considered when choosing a vacuum pump that includes the strength of the vacuum produced, the rate at which it moves air and amount and quality of electricity that will be used. The strength of the vacuum produced is measured through absolute pressure (mmHg). Large pumps that are only rated once for continuous duty use while small pumps have continuous duty rating and intermittent duty rating to show how much pressure it can produce for a short period before it needs to rest. Small pumps also tend to have problems with overheating during high loads.

Vacuum pumps are flow rated based on how fast they can move air when both sides of the pump are at equal pressures. When the vacuum at one side of the pump increases, the air flow decreases that is why manufacturers of vacuum pumps provide curves that show that flow rates as vacuum increases.

Another factor that is considered is the power requirements of the vacuum pump. Compared to air compressors, vacuum pumps relatively use less power. One example is the new Busch Mink MV Claw vacuum pumps that have more compact dimensions, quieter operation and consumes less energy.

There are Busch vacuum pumps that have been specifically designed for woodworking applications with high pumping speeds, constant vacuum and completely oil-free compression. The vacuum pump can also be controlled to match immediate performance requirements for changing process conditions.