Why You Should Visit Scotland This Year

Are you afraid that no one will look after your pet dog while you are strolling in the pastures of Scotland? Take heart, there are several dog friendly luxury self catering Scotland cottages. These luxurious cottages have complete amenities to pamper you and your dog so that you can enjoy the grandest vacation. This year is the perfect time to visit Scotland. Whether you are the president of the United States of America or a simple employee worker from the East, you are urged to go and visit the castle clad country.

If you still are not convinced, below are some of the reasons why you should check out this country.

1. 2015 is the Year of Food and Drink Scotland. Visit Scotland and the government officials of Scotland designated this year to the Year of Food and Drink. This year is packed with various crazy mixed up events everywhere in the country to celebrate the unique festivity.

2. It has a stretch of breathtaking coastline. The coastline of main Scotland is twice larger than Spain’s and France’s coastline and is three times larger when compared to England’s. There really is a lot to explore.

3. Scotland is deemed to be the home of golf. In this beautiful country awaits the world’s famous golf courses.

4. While there are a lot of countries struggling in making great whisky, Scotland is a natural manufacturer of the great drink. Located in Scotland are the hundred of distilleries that create this mouth watering product.

5. If you are looking for adventure sports, Scotland is the perfect place for you to explore your adventurous side. You can go downhill using a mountain bike or take a plunge off a bungee or surf in the Atlantic.

6. Explore the Celtic culture of the place. If you are a fan of Braveheart and similar movies, you must be itching to visit Scotland. The clans that were featured in these movies lived in Scotland.

7. Scotland is blessed with awesome wildlife. While exploring the country, you can casually encounter huge eagles, stags walking through the green pasture. The Scottish water is also rich in marine life like basking dolphins and sharks and there are even killer whales in the area.