The Blossoming Of The Ugly Sweaters

Like the plaid flannel shirts and glasses with thick rims as well as pompadour haircuts for boys, the ugly Christmas sweaters are a trend for the hipsters which sky rocketed to fame. Every year, people celebrate the so-called National Ugly Christmas Sweaters Day. The outrageous sweater styles are making huge revenues in the market.

The celebration of the trendy ugly sweaters began as a means for people to dig through their parents’ and grandparents’ old sweaters and have a good laugh about the gauche looking patterns of sweaters that were quite popular in the decades 80s and 90s. People then started to go through thrift stores and seek out sweaters that were heavily ornamented, sweaters that were once loved only by the old people. Today, designers are creating hilarious and outrageous sweaters and people buy them purposively with the ultimate goal of showing off the sweaters and celebrating the tradition of ugly sweaters.

The ugly Christmas sweater industry was not really expected to blow up like this says mall managers and strategists. The business in ugly sweater is booming and there is a good reason for this. Probably every city in the United States will host an ugly sweater party in the coming holidays. According to Detroit CBS News, there will be parties, fun runs and public crawls all throughout the country. Store owners are hopping on the ugly Christmas sweater bandwagon. High end stores like Forever 21, Wal-Mart and Target all have their own editions of the ugly sweaters. Among those selling do-it-yourself ugly Christmas sweaters are Nordstrom, Macy’s and SkyMall. They sell the kit for about $30 a piece. The kit includes stencils, sweaters and gauche embellishments like googly eyes.

There are also several small time entrepreneurs who began to sell homemade ugly sweaters online before the trend went viral. These entrepreneurs are already making lavish profits from the ugly sweater bandwagon. Small time retailers who have successfully profited from this hunting down of old sweaters have made this a full time business.

For avid fans of sports, there is also an entire industry that creates sports-themed ugly Christmas sweaters. There’s now available NBA, NFL, and NHL inspired sweaters.